Ferry Crossing Record attempt:

16 Ferries, 6 states, 1500 miles, 36 hours

LATEST NEWS: Plans are in place to up the record in the Summer of 2010. Stay tuned!

BB1500 SS1000
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Unfortunately, due to a highway closure earlier in the route I arrived at my final ferry (the Peel Ferry in Arkansas) a few minutes too late to get it within the 36 hour mark. And another ferry (the Grafton) was closed due to an engine problem.

But everything else went well and I wound up with 14 ferries in 36 hours, including 11 in the first 24 hours. After crossing the Peel Ferry in Arkansas I still felt fresh enough to ride home another 225 miles to Sullivan, so altogether the trip was about 41 hours and 1800 miles, most of which was on back roads.

I submitted my records to the Iron Butt Association. After their stringent review and confirmation process, the IBA has given their official recognition o f a "Bun Burner 1500" i n 1,537 miles (with 14 inland ferry crossings) and a "Saddle Sore 1000" in 1,040 miles (with 11 ferries). Those who want to read the excruciating details can click here

I have been unable to find any evidence that anyone has tried this before. I believe this establishes a record for most ferries crossed in a BB1500, and also the most crossed in a SS1000.

Inland ferries are a unique but threatened bright spot on the American roadscape - so I hope this ride captures the imagination of others and helps raise awareness of these gems of the back roads. During the several months I spent planning this route, 2 ferries I had intended to cross (the Winfield in MO/IL and the Hickman in KY/MO) shut down. The Hickman eventually returned to operation, but it appears the Winfield is gone for good.

I also hope that someone comes along soon and breaks this new record, so I have a good excuse to put together a better route and try to reclaim the title. This was a fun ride! I'm thinking about trying it again in the Spring to see if I can get all 16 ferries in.

The Ferries:

 1 Kampsville, IL

 2 Brussels, IL

 3 Golden Eagle, IL/MO

 4 Grafton, MO/IL

 5 Fredericksburg, MO

 6 Ste Genevieve, MO/IL

 7 Cave-In-Rock, IL/KY

 8 Rochester, KY

 9 Reeds, KY

10 Houchins, KY

11 Green River, KY

12 Turkey Neck Bend, KY

   (24 hour mark – SS1000)

13 Cumberland, TN

14 Houston-Benton, TN

15 Akers, MO

16 Peel, AR

This was an attempt to establish a new long-distance motorcycling mark for the crossing of publicly accessible passenger vehicle ferries, by crossing 16 ferries in 36 hours while riding over 1500 miles, including 12 ferries in the first 24 hours/1000 miles.

The ride was conducted according to the guidelines for Iron Butt Association “Saddle Sore 1000” and “Bun Burner 1500” long distance rides.



Rider: Steve Jones


Home Town: Sullivan Missouri


Bike: Honda ST1300


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