A note from USMotoGPFans.com:

Fate has taken the crown prince from a family of true racing royalty.

And taken him from a global community of fans who are stunned at this incomprehensible tragedy.

Our sadness is magnified by a sense of helplessness, knowing no words will relieve Rose and Earl and Jenny and Kathleen and Tommy and Roger and Jackie.

Of all things Nicky ever had to say about how a challenge turned out, he never needed to say "I wish I'd tried harder". Sometimes he was the fastest, but he was always the hardest working, most dependable and frankly the classiest racer in the paddock.

Godspeed Nicky. We are so lucky to have known you.



For those not familiar with the situation, Owensville Kentucky native Nicky Hayden, the 2006 MotoGP World Champion, was struck by a car and seriously injured while bicycle riding in Italy on Wednesday May 17th 2017. He passed away five days later.

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